CBD Wine

The CBD industry is producing some of the largest products for consumers. There are two major parts of the industry that are seeing the most innovation and growth. These include the CBD edibles and cannabis-infused wine markets. Cannabis wine specifically, is now seeing a significant tide of products and its demand is increasing with time. Read on to learn about the growth of cannabis-infused wine, why it is trending, and what challenges it is facing.

Cannabis Wine Growth

As the cannabis legalization continues to boom in the United States, alcohol-free CBD wine and other beverages are gaining shelf space. These are a part of the overall CBD category, which is forecasted to reach $23.6 billion by 2025. While it is not entirely known how much of that will be CBD wine, there are estimates and according to them, this specific sector could become a $3 billion annual market. At the moment, cannabis-infused wine is one of the fastest-growing parts of this landscape.

Why is CBD Wine Trending Right Now?
Even though there are many popular forms of cannabis products, e.g. CBD edibles, topicals, etc., CBD wine is trending right now. What makes it so popular? The answer is straightforward: the benefits. CBD wine has some significant advantages over others cannabis forms. These include the following:

• Mobility : It is more convenient for consumers to put CBD in an easily transported drink. Not to mention drinking such a beverage in public is relatively less awkward than using an eyedropper to place CBD oil onto your tongue or popping a gummy.

CBD Wine

• Better Alternative to Edibles : CBD wine is a great way to get a dose of the beneficial cannabidiol. Health-wise, cannabis-infused wine is a better fit than a cookie or chocolate. And you don’t have to worry about vaping it or measuring it as a function of time as you would when consuming it via a dropper.

• Suitable for Everyone :
Beverages are easy, clean, and something you can enjoy consuming. CBD wine is a great avenue for individuals to get cannabis into their everyday lifestyle.

CBD edibles

Industry Issues

Even though the CBD wine industry is rapidly growing, the market is experiencing various issues. These issues are basically the same that plague the entire cannabis market. Unfortunately, some brands focus first on quick profit. The result is subpar products on the market with misleading packaging. Another issue that the industry is facing is the lack of greater federal oversight. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, input from the FDA has been slowed. This is taking a toll on the entire category.

What’s Next?
Despite the above-mentioned issues and challenges, CBD wine industry is seeing a significant growth. The cannabis industry is expected to generate sales of $75 billion by 2030 in the United States alone. And this is just the beginning. The rise of CBD wine growth will attract traditional companies to expand their product offerings, which is great for consumers and the industry as a whole.