CBD Wine

A nice glass of wine in the evening with dinner is a part of many people’s everyday routine. Evidence suggests that people are drinking more alcohol now than ever before, and wine is quickly catching up with beer as the favorite alcoholic drink of the nation. All of that drinking can lead to some undesired consequences – some short term and some long term. Fortunately, there’s a healthy alternative available: CBD wine. CBD infused wine is alcohol-free and offers a great drinking experience without the concern of a morning-after hangover.

What Exactly is CBD Wine?

CBD wine is basically alcohol-free wine mixed with cannabidiol. It features an authentic wine taste without the psychoactive high effect. Just like CBD edibles, cannabis-infused wine has quickly gained a lot of popularity among consumers. The concept behind this amazing product is to provide the classic wine-drinking experiencing, e.g. a happy and relaxed feeling, without any unwanted consequences the next day. This means if you drink a glass of CBD wine, you will not only feel great but it won’t lead to a total lack of control either. CBD-infused wine is ideal for dieters as well, as one glass of it generally contains only 35 calories and it has a pleasant taste. Rebel Coast Winery for example, offers cannabis wine that features a delicious flavor of lemongrass, lavender, and citrus.

Can Everyone Drink CBD Wine?
Although just like CBD edibles, CBD wine is ideal for most individuals, it is recommended that pregnant women should avoid drinking it. Furthermore, anyone who has a mental health illness and has heart disease which could be worsen by consuming CBD should also abstain. And of course, driving after drinking this beverage (even though it is alcohol-free) is illegal and a bad idea.

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Making Your Own CBD-Infused Wine

Although many winemakers nowadays are offering high-quality cannabis wine products, if you want to make your own CBD-infused wine, then you will be glad to know that it is possible and the process is easy as well. You will need a standard winemaking starter kit, which you can easily purchase in a home brewing shop or online. To make the drink, include about one pound of cannabis in the container you are using to ferment your wine. This fermentation process will change the sugar content of the grapes into alcohol, and that alcohol will then extract the THC content from the material of the marijuana plant. Be warned though, it won’t be a quick process as you will have to wait at least nine months before you bottle your amazing new beverage.

A Hangover-Free Evening
In conclusion, if you want to enjoy a glass of wine but don’t want to consume any alcohol to avoid the hangover effects, then CBD wine is a great option for you. This key aspect along with the various medicinal benefits of CBD have made cannabis-infused wine a very popular choice among consumers. The ability to relax and enjoy a glass of this delicious wine without any downsizes is certainly worth the price of a bottle.