CBD edibles

In the last few years, CBD has become the core element of a number of different lifestyle, health, and recreational products. And, at the same time, consumers have become more aware of its health benefits and how easy it is to add this substance to your everyday routine. Among the various products of cannabis, e.g. CBD edibles, brownies, chocolates, etc., Hemp wine is the new trend nowadays. Cannabis-infused wines and beverages are becoming increasingly popular. And there are some high expectations associated with them with regards to industry growth.

What is CBD Wine?

CBD wine is generally dealcoholized wine in which the alcoholic content of the wine is removed and then infused with CBD compounds or mixed with CBD emulsion. The effect of de-alcoholization means that while cannabis-infused wine looks similar to normal wine, its taste and flavor is different. Interestingly, CBD wine is not a new concept. It is an ancient practice that dates back to Egyptian times of civilization when infusing herbs, including cannabis, into wine was a popular trend.

Why is CBD Wine Trending Right Now?
CBD wine is rising in popularity because of the various benefits it offers. Just like CBD edibles, it offers an easy way to consume cannabis. And it is becoming one of the most accessible CBD products in the market. As many manufacturers are now focusing on producing CBD wines and beverages. Following are the key reasons why CBD wine is trending nowadays:

You Can Enjoy Your Favorite Wine without Getting High
With CBD wine, you can now enjoy an alcohol-free wine that calms your nerves. And enlivens you but does not give your any hangover effects.

It’s a Great Alternative for Teetotalers

For those who don’t ‘tamper with’ alcohol, hemp wine has proven to be an excellent alternative. Since it does not contain alcohol, it is becoming greatly popular amongst the middle population and non-alcoholic drinkers.

CBD edibles

Ability to Control the Dosage
Similar to alcohol and other drinks, cannabis-infused wine offers low dose servings that can take about 20 minutes to take effect and last as much as an hour. This is certainly an improvement of cannabis wine infusion in the past that were a bit nasty in taste and high in potency.

The Bottom Line

It is uncertain how cannabis consumers will spend their leisure time in the future. They might prefer to smoke joints or simply drink CBD-infused wine, spirits, or beer. However, one thing is for sure; There are high expectations associated with cannabis wine. And it is predicted to dominate the CBD market in the coming years.

Future research and advancements in technology will increase competitions in the cannabis wine industry as well as help relax government laws and policies prohibiting the use of CBD. For instance, Rebel Coast made a new set of cannabis-infused wine that will be ingested sublingually (through capillaries in the cheek, mouth, and gums). This method will improve the time it takes the cannabidiol to take effect in the consumer’s body.