CBD edibles

It seems like CBD or cannabidiol is being infused into just about every food product. From the most popular CBD edibles like cookies, brownies, and gummies to sauces as well as other food products, CBD seems to be everywhere. And now that includes weed wine which is also quickly gaining popularity.

Why is CBD-Infused Wine Becoming So Popular?

CBD wine is increasing in popularity because many people see beverages as a healthier and easier way to consume CBD. When it comes to CBD-infused wine, the dosage is more controlled and cannabidiol is more accessible in this form through various distribution channels, e.g. online retailers, supermarkets, bars, restaurants, and more. Not to mention it is alcohol-free and hence, does not give you a ‘high’.

Cannabis and Wine Culture
The cannabis wine craze is not new. In fact, people have been mixing wine with cannabis for thousands of years. The combination was first used in 400 BC as general anesthesia for surgery. But in recent years, the wine and cannabis movement has been more focused on mixing the two substances for recreational purposes. What began as just individuals enjoying both wine and cannabis at their gatherings and parties has spawned a high-end culture geared around mixing these two key substances in luxury settings.

CBD edibles

Trends in CBD Beverages

There are three major trends in CBD beverages at the moment and they will certainly continue to grow in 2021 and beyond. First, consumer preferences are shifting from alcohol to CBD products as seen in the ongoing global decline of alcohol sales. Second, there is a growing trend of product innovations in terms of ingredient transparency, sustainable packaging, personalized drinks, and convenient drink solutions. Third, influencer, brand, and celebrity endorsements of cannabis is driving the CBD into the mainstream. For instance, Terrell Davis, Willie Nelson, etc. have their names on different cannabis-infused beverages. Recognizable brands like Coors are also entering the world of CBD wine. Another overall trend is the increasing variety of weed wine and beverages available right now with many more planned for 2021.

Challenges for CBD-Infused Alcohol Products
Manufacturers of alcohol and craft spirits, wine, and beer. They have to be very careful how they create beverage products. According to the stringent regulatory standards related to CBD and alcohol. However, these regulatory barriers have not stopped the process of producing interesting new CBD wine products. In the face of the constant challenges that federal laws put on these types of drinks. CBD winemakers are relishing the challenges by focusing on creativity and innovation. It’s another reason why weed wine industry is such an exciting place to learn, work, and develop.

CBD Wine

What’s Next?
The cannabis wine market will continue to evolve with more demands and challenges along with greater potential. More work is needed on a research level to understand CBD dosage levels and purity. The research includes understanding how to develop new infusion methods for CBD and create viable products to combat any health concerns.